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Every element of acoustic innovation featured in the Concept series is engineered towards designing the ‘quietest’ cabinet possible. From the pioneering Gelcore™ cabinet construction, the microscopic analysed internal P2P™ bracing through to the unparalleled isolation suspension system base and the unique driver design, our expert engineers have continually created new innovations while, evolved and refined these technologies to deliver close to the resonance-free, speaker-design Holy Grail as possible.

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Tipo: Bass reflex
Woofer: 2 x 125mm
Tweeter: 25mm
Risposta in frequenza: 53Hz – 22kHz
Impedenza nominale: 8ohm
Impedenza minima: 4ohm
Sensibilità: 90 dB
Potenza consigliata: 25 – 150w
Frequenza di crossover: 2.3kHz
Dimensioni H / D / W mm: 972 x 170 x 288
Peso: 18.5 kg